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Beacon of Hope Charity is the arm and feet of Beacon of Light Christian Fellowship Center Vienna to reach out in love to all, giving hope to the hopeless, life to the dry bones and salvation to the lost souls.


At BOH, we believe in the love of God for mankind and His desire for all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth (1 Tim 2:4). We therefore seek to give hope to the hopeless, future to those the world condemns, the exploited and rejected members of our society, most especially the abused and sexually exploited individuals.


We focus on the unique circumstances of women in Austria as they face issues related to domestic violence, including intimate partner violence, child abuse and mental abuse. Our mission is to enhance women’s understanding of and ability to end violence. In reaching this goal we help and empower women to rebuild their lives, free from violence, exploitation and fear. We are committed to a world where every woman could live in safety.


In reaching our goal we offer our clients, safe, respectful, free of judgment spaces and help to them to recognize and actualize their goals, dreams and desires through non-judgmental counseling, housing, education workshops and employment services.


How we do what we do

BOH works with many other organizations to try and find the best solutions for our guests needs: whether a more permanent address, making contact with families, looking after physical health, finding out more about job or study opportunities, or managing mental health problems. BOH help our clients escape, recover from their trauma and, ultimately, acquire the skills and strength they need to heal and start new lives.


How you can help!

In order to provide a service of high standards to our guests, BOH relies on the kindness and loyalty of our donors and volunteers. Both are vital to the smooth running of the project, and there are many opportunities to support BOH either through donations or volunteering

The breadth of work undertaken by BOH and its partners is wide-ranging and has the potential to make huge differences to people’s lives.

 Every little help counts, Thanks for your support!